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I’m a grandparent.  Do I really need to be worried about all this?

Let me answer your question with a true story.  Recently I spoke with a grandmother.  Her daughter and son-in-law had small children and had installed filters on their computers and phones.  They thought their children were safe.  Grandma and Grandpa didn’t think they needed to be educated or concerned about this topic.  After all, they didn’t have pornography problems and never watched scandalous TV.  Imagine their horror

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Why the Porn Talk Isn’t Sufficient

Many parents want to know why they can’t just tell their kids not to look at porn.  “Why isn’t this sufficient?” they ask me.

Unfortunately we no longer live in a society where exposure to highly sexualized content is a choice.

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Won’t talking to my kids about sex make them more curious and promiscuous?

While you are certainly not the first parent to ask this question, fortunately the resounding answer is “No!”  All the research indicates that the opposite is true.  Not only are children whose parents talk to them about healthy sexuality less likely to be promiscuous,

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