I recently had a friend ask how to combat the viewpoints of the state mandated sex education where she lived.  “Won’t my children get confused if I’m telling them one thing and one of the main places they get their information and learning is telling them very different things?”

I explained that this is addressed more easily than you might think.  The beginnings of it are addressed in the first Lies About Sex post, but this post takes a more religious tone.  One of the main points I use when teaching parents how to talk with their kids about sex is the truth mingled with error concept.  It goes something like this (for those who are non or less-religious, it is easy to remove or adjust those references):

God has made our bodies in really amazing ways to do amazing things.   We are going to teach you about wonderful ways God made our bodies to work that can help us be happy and create wonderful relationships.  Now Satan/The Adversary is always trying to teach people wrong or hurtful things.  His favorite tactic is to say things that are partly true and partly lies.  That really confuses people because they see the true part and think all of it is true.  So some of the things we are going to tell you about your body are things a lot of people in the world don’t know.  They will know how their body works, but they won’t understand why, and all the things God wants us to know about how to use them the best.  They’ll know some of the truth, but it will be mixed with things that aren’t true.  That’s why we are going to teach you the whole truth so you’ll know it and can outsmart Satan.  This means you will know more than a lot of people and it will be something special you and mom and dad will have and can talk about.  So we’ll teach you the truth, and when you see or hear about things that don’t match up, or don’t seem right, come tell us!  We want to hear about those moments where you figured it out, or when you feel like something is sneaking in that isn’t true.  We’ll be so proud of you for being able to notice what is true and what isn’t!

(Then as a parent you can use this concept you’ve already taught them to point out inaccurate or destructive messages during future teaching moments).