The annual Utah Coalition Against Pornography Conference was wonderful!  I loved the opportunity to interact with wonderful parents looking for more resources to help their children have a strong and healthy sexual foundation.  I was also grateful that UCAP gave me 

the the opportunity to be a presenter at the conference.  I was able to speak to the incredible men and women experiencing Betrayal Trauma, both collectively during the presentation, and individually after.  Their strength always inspires me.  For those who missed it, you will be able to view my presentation, along with many others, on the UCAP website.  They will be available in the next few months.  Stay tuned…

There were so many wonderful speakers and booths.  I love the variety of offerings from router and internet protection services, to therapy services, to podcasts, to yoga for addicts and betrayed spouses, to recovery healing art.

Some highlights for me included:

  • Sariah Hoffman, yoga therapist (yes, therapist) at Addo Recovery and Back Pocket Yoga.  She is a dear friend and her work is brilliant.
  • Heather Worthen, recovery art and resources with Adventures in Healing.  Also a dear friend who is phenomenally talented.
  • Brittany Homer, whom I met for the first time, does the podcast Raising Today’s Kids.  We had a delightful conversation around how parents can teach their children about healthy sexuality.  We plan to do some podcast eposides together.  So stay tuned for that as well…