Let me answer your question with a true story.  Recently I spoke with a grandmother.  Her daughter and son-in-law had small children and had installed filters on their computers and phones.  They thought their children were safe.  Grandma and Grandpa didn’t think they needed to be educated or concerned about this topic.  After all, they didn’t have pornography problems and never watched scandalous TV.  Imagine their horror

when their daughter confronted them.  Their 3-year-old granddaughter had inadvertently found something on the unfiltered internet at her grandparents’ house.  She had spent months looking for more and more whenever she was there.  Her parents finally figured out what was going on when she began exhibiting symptoms.  This granddaughter ended up needing serious counseling.  

Please become educated.  You can be a great support to your children in protecting your grandchildren.  It’s not a fun or pretty topic, but you can save a child’s life–your grandchild’s.