This page is a good place to emphasize your child’s connection to God and God’s love for them.  It also emphasizes their connection to truth, which connects them to God.  It helps them to see how truth brings happiness, peace, and God’s presence in their hearts.

Some parents struggle with saying that God, or they, are happy when children make good choices.  They may feel that putting the label “good” on something feels shame inducing, or that if God/parents are happy if children make good choices then that means they’re not happy or loving if children make choices parent’s/God don’t believe are good.  God and truth are unchanging and the results from making choices that are in alignment with God’s truth always bring peace.  Can a message be sent that God/parents don’t love us if we make “bad choices”?  Absolutely.  How can that be avoided?  Talk about it!  Clarify over and over.

  • So if God (substitute “I” or “mom and dad”, etc) loves you when you take care of your body (or choose to be modest), will He love you if you don’t?  Of course He will!  He always loves you!  What if it’s not just one time, but all the time—like you decide you’re never going to take care of your body again.  Will He stop loving you then?  Nope, He will love you no matter what you choose to do (also: no matter what others choose to do to you).
  • If God is happy when you choose to take care of your body (or choose to be modest), will he be sad if you don’t?  He may feel sad, just like you might feel sad if your friend did something that ended up hurting themselves.  But does that mean he doesn’t love you anymore?  No!  He absolutely still loves you.  Does it mean He doesn’t want to be close to you?  Nope!  If your friend hurt himself would you not want to be around them?  Nope, and God feels the same way.  Does it sometimes feel uncomfortable when we know something we choose to do made someone feel sad?  Yes.  But that just means our feelings are telling us we have made a mistake and all we need to do is fix it.  Just like the book says, making mistakes is part of learning and growing up.  God knows you’re just learning and that you’ll figure it out.  That makes Him happy and proud of you—even while you’re making mistakes.