Modest dress can be a heated topic among adults, and that is why it is addressed so carefully in this book.  Everything is left to parents to determine.  Parents decide their family values and implement them through the discussions that are introduced on these pages.

The central focus is that modest dress shows and invites respect for myself.  A lot of parents have the experience of teaching their children about their family’s standards of modest dress just to feel some embarrassment as the children pointing out with fingers and loud voices when they see others dressed in ways that their family would not consider modest.  There is a good question and discussion in the back of the book that helps parents have preemptive conversations about this.

Did you know that modest clothing is different based on what you are doing?  Because modest clothing is about showing and inviting respect for myself, it will change based on where you are and what you are doing.  Would you wear a swimsuit to school?  Would you wear a leotard and tights to church?  (Use other silly examples).

So what is modest clothing in our family for church?  School?  Play?  Different kinds of exercise?  Swimming?