Page 16 helps teach children at an early age about appropriate responses to peer pressure.

Has anyone ever said something, or showed something, to you that was not modest?  What happened?  Did you know what to do?

Role play situations in which they might be exposed to something in front of, with, or by friends/other children.  How can they respond?  What would they do if others made fun of them?  Help them to develop a plan.  Situations may include the following, and should be varied to include being with friends, acquaintances, bullies, really popular kids, older kids, etc.:

  • Sitting at a computer at school
  • On the bus with a smart phone
  • Inappropriate jokes

Have conversations about being a good example and helping others to make good choices.  But always help them recognize that others get to make their own choices, and that if others don’t want to change their actions, [in our family] we choose to be modest by leaving, moving somewhere else, etc.  Making it a family decision helps with accountability and solidarity.  Give examples of when you have, or have not, made modest choices in similar circumstances and what you would want to do differently in the future.