These two pages introduce the topics of pornography and other sexual content—written or heard.  The great thing about this is that parents can decide when to introduce the words associated with these types of explicit content while still giving children protection.

 It also allows parents the ability to teach their own values around these issues.  Parents  may have differing values around what content they do not want their children to be exposed to.  This may include different words, pictures, etc.  Each parent is entitled to, and has the responsibility to teach their own values.

What are the kinds of things that are not modest that you might see in a book/magazine, or on the computer?  (…also hear in music, etc.?)  This is a great starting point to teach and develop family values around modest language and images.  This is also a great time to add new things that come up that haven’t been previously discussed.

When have you seen or heard things that were not modest?  (You can also break this out into several discussions by being specific: in books, in magazines, in music, on the TV, on the computer, on my smartphone, on your tablet, etc.)

What is the child doing in each situation?  That’s right, they are telling their parents right away.

  • Why do you think they are doing that/Why do you think that’s important, or a good thing to do?
  • What do you think their parent will do/say when they tell them?
  • If you saw or heard something that was not modest, and you came to tell me right away, what do you think I would do or say? (Or simply tell them: If you saw something that was not modest and you came to me right away I would be so proud of you.  I would talk to you about it and how it made you feel and we would take care of it together.
  • Are you the kind of kid that would come and tell your parents right away if you saw or heard something that was not modest?  You are!  And that is awesome!
  • Can you think of anything you’ve seen or heard lately that you want to tell me about?  It’s always good to talk about it with your parents.

Older Children:

Tell me about what you’ve seen/heard recently at school that isn’t modest.  Did you know that lots of times kids and even adults say or do things that aren’t modest to try and be funny or cool?  Does that seem funny or cool to you?  Why/Why not?  It doesn’t to me because… (maybe add a time if you have laughed anyway to fit in, etc. and what you would choose now).