This page addresses the healthy sexuality topics of body image and body appreciation, as well as introducing concepts of self-worth, and appreciation for different races, genders, ages, and abilities including special needs.

Discussion Questions:

How does your body look different or act different than others’ bodies?  Does that make you better or worse than them?  No!  It just makes you different and that is wonderful!  All of your bodies are still amazing even if they look different!  Brown and blue eyes are both beautiful and both can see…that’s amazing!  Round tummies and flat tummies both help bodies get nutrients…that’s amazing!

Ask them about their friends, how are they different, and discuss how that makes them wonderful.  Add discussions of what things they love about those friends.

Did you know that your body is special and wonderful just because it IS?  Just because it exists!  Do you know why?  Because it’s a gift from God!  So all bodies are special, wonderful, and unique just by existing!


Extra Questions for Older Children:

What messages do you hear about the way bodies “should” look?  What do people say is “attractive” or “ugly?”  Do you think those things really matter?  Why/Why not?  What do you think does matter? (This is a great opportunity to link the body with the soul inside).

I highly recommend the organization Beauty Redefined.  They have done phenomenal work on body image.  In a TedEx talk of theirs, Dr. Lindsay Kite says this:  “Girls and women aren’t only suffering because of the unattainable ways beauty is being defined, they’re suffering because they are being ‘defined by beauty.’  They are bodies first and people second.  So, rather than working to ensure more women’s bodies are viewed as valuable, we are working to make sure women are valued as more than bodies to view.  Our work is founded on the premise that positive body image isn’t believing your body looks good; it is believing your body IS good, regardless of how it looks.”  I would add that boys and men also have acceptable and/or ideal images that should not define them either.