The theme of these pages is another often overlooked area of early-childhood healthy sexuality: caring for our bodies.

Discussion Questions:

How do you keep your body clean? (bathe, toilet appropriately, brush teeth, comb hair, etc)

What foods are healthy? (In our house this would be said with dramatic uncertainty…are you noticing a pattern?  I mention this because in my experience small children respond very well to over dramatizing questions).  Do you eat those foods?  What foods do you think are not healthy? (With these and all questions, parents can suggest and instill their own values in the conversations).  Should we practice eating more healthy foods so we can take care of our special bodies?

Do you get plenty of sleep?  When do you sleep?  Why do you think sleeping is a way to take care of your body?

What is your favorite way to exercise?  What other kinds of exercise do you do? (play on the playground, ride bike, run around the house, etc.)  Do you get lots of exercise or just a little bit?