**Theme Continuation from Pages 2-3**

One part of healthy sexuality that we don’t often consider is having an appreciation for our bodies.  Teaching our children that our bodies are wonderful and can do incredible things is an easy way to begin discussions about healthy sexuality with very small children.  These pages address this appreciation.

Discussion Questions:

What wonderful things can you do with your body?

Can you move your body? (In my house that would be said with dramatic mock uncertainty and a raised eyebrow).  Show me how your body can move!  or  What is your favorite way to move your body? or  Let’s practice different ways of moving our bodies! (Dance, martial arts, reaching high and low, etc.)

Do you learn and explore?  Yes!  I know you learn because you’re smart!  I know you explore because you’re curious and you want to figure things out.  What do you like to learn about?  (or point out different things they have learned recently).

Does your body feel?  Mine does too.  (Discuss and explore textures, and/or kinds of emotional feelings and what they mean).