One part of healthy sexuality that we don’t often consider is having an appreciation for our bodies.  Teaching our children that bodies are good and from God is an easy way to begin discussions about healthy sexuality with very small children.  These pages address this appreciation.

Discussion questions:

Does God love you?…Yes!  He does!…And so do I!  (in our house this type of scenario is accompanied by hugs, tickles, and giggles)

Have you ever thought about your body as being a special gift?

Living your whole life in a body is a long time!  How does your body look different than it did before? (baby features, haircuts, broken bones that healed, etc.)  What can you do with your body that you couldn’t do before? (ride a bike, read, etc.)  Wow!  Look at all the amazing and wonderful things that happen as your body grows and changes!  What a neat body you have!